Dispatch Center2014 Dispatch Team

The City of Hapeville's Emergency Communications Center handles several hundred calls each month, as they dispatch Fire, Police, Emergency Medical services, Code Enforcement, and Animal Control in response to the needs of the public. They also handle after hour emergency call outs for various City departments such as Public Works.

When calling 911, the operator may ask you to hold onto the line as she directs an officer to the incident location.


Stay Calm! The information requested is necessary to complete the call and send emergency assistance to your location.

Don't Hang Up! Your emergency call is their priority.

Have the following detailed information ready to pass on to the 911 operator as it pertains to a crime in progress or suspicious activity:

  • Who? What? When? Where?
  • Location of incident?
  • Type of incident?
  • Number of suspects?
  • Were they are armed or not?
  • Is the crime still in progress?
  • Direction of travel?
  • Are there any injuries?
  • Are children involved?

Call's Location

When 911 is dialed from a land-line phone and programmed voice over internet services, the Communications officer is able to see where the call is coming from and the number where the person is calling from. Even though we have such technology, it is important the caller remain on the phone to provide additional information once the call has been dispatched. This is for the caller's safety as well as the responding personnel.

Cellular Phone's Location

When citizens call from a cellular phone, it is important to give the correct address and phone number you are calling from. As of yet, we do not have the capability of determining where cell phones are coming from.

Hearing Impaired and Non-English Speakers

The Communications Center does have the capability of receiving calls from the hearing impaired and also has the ability to help the non-English speaking people through professional translators. Dial in Error Please remember 911 is for emergencies only. If you dial in error, remain on the line and let the Communications Officer know it was an error, otherwise the officer must dispatch police and/or fire equipment to check your welfare.

Facts about our Dispatch Center

  • 10 full time employees
  • Average length of service – 3 ½ years
  • Calls for service average – 25 per day
  • Center manned 24/7
  • 800 MHz radio
  • Maintains State of the Art 911 equipment