Customer Financial Services

Welcome to Customer Financial Services.

The CFS team consists of the Property Tax Clerk and the Occupational Permit Tax Clerk. CFS is located in Central Cashiering next to City Hall. 

Our responsibilities include: 

Tax Administration:
Property Tax Clerk- 404-669-2106

  1. Bill and collect all real and personal property taxes.
  2. Bill and collect all stormwater fees.
  3. Approved city exemptions.
  4. Process tax adjustments.
  5. Oversee and collect the prior year's outstanding real and personal property taxes.

Business Licenses:
Occupational Tax Clerk- 404-669-2105

  1. Process business license renewals
  2. Process new Short-Term Rentals, STRs, and STR annual renewals
  3. Process water payments
  4. Open and close water accounts
  5. Open records requests

  1. Chrislyn Turner

    Assistant Finance Director

  2. April Pressley

    Property Tax Clerk

  3. Charity Holton

    Occupation Permit Tax Clerk

  4. Nyfeesa Valentine

    Customer Service Representative

  5. Customer Financial Services

    Physical Address
    3468 N Fulton Ave
    Hapeville, GA 30354

    Phone: 4046692102
    Fax: 4046692113

    Lobby Hours

    Monday through Friday
    9:00 am to 4:00 

    Drive Thru

    9:00 am to 4:00 pm