Mayor and Council Session

700 Doug Davis Drive
Hapeville, GA 30354

November 5, 2019  6:00PM

Call to Order
Roll Call
Mayor Alan Hallman
Alderman Mike Rast
Councilman at Large Travis Horsley
Councilman Ward I Mark Adams
Councilman Ward II Chloe Alexander
Pledge of Allegiance
Host Compliance Presentation by John Spuhler

Host Compliance representative, John Spuhler, will give a presentation on cost-effective solutions to Hapeville's short term rental registration, compliance monitoring, fraud, audit, and enforcement challenges. 
Questions on Agenda Items
The public is encouraged to communicate their questions, concerns, and suggestions during Public Comments.  The Council does listen to your concerns and will have Staff follow-up on any questions you raise.  Any and all comments should be addressed to the Governing Body, not to the general public and delivered in a civil manner in keeping with common courtesy and decorum.
Consent Agenda
Approval Of Minutes
  • October 1, 2019  10AM and 6PM 
  • October 15, 2019  

Approval of Executive Session Minutes
  • October 1, 2019
  • October 15, 2019
Old Business
Consideration and Action on Ordinance Amendment for Mayor and Council Regular Meeting Schedule - 1st Reading

Attached for consideration is a newly revised ordinance amendment for the Mayor and Council regular meeting schedule. The ordinance has been amended to include November 19, 2019 as a regular meeting date and moves the December 3 meeting to December 10. Having a meeting on December 3 would limit time for adequate preparation as staff will be out for the Thanksgiving holidays on November 28 and 29. Therefore, staff respectfully requests to have only one meeting in December on the 10th.

Additionally, staff respectfully requests that Mayor and Council waive first reading of this ordinance.
New Business
Consideration on Solid Waste Ordinance Amendment - 1st Reading

Attached for consideration is an ordinance amendment revising Chapter 60 (solid waste), Article 2 (solid waste collection and disposal) of the code of ordinances. Revised sections include: section 60-2-1 (definitions), section 60-2-2 (carts; curbside service), section  60-2-3 (storing of refuse), section 60-2-4 (disposal of rubbish), section 60-2-5 (collection of rubbish; disposal of building material), section 60-2-6 (personnel not to enter buildings; tipping prohibited), section 60-2-7 (multifamily dwellings), section 6-2-8 (littering and offensive accumulations), section 60-2-9 (use of city receptacles), section 60-2-10 (transporting of garbage, etc), section 60-2-11 (types of garbage prohibited), section 60-2-12 (sanitary fees), and section 60-2-13 (commercial containers) of the code of ordinances. 
Consideration And Action To Retain A Planning Support Contract With B+C Studios

In November 2018, Mayor and Council approved renewing the contract with B+C Studios for City Planning and Zoning support. The city continues to experience growth and has continued need for planning and zoning services. The City's Planning Consultant is responsible for:

1. Zoning application, conditional use permit and site plan review services; variance and appeals application review services; 
2. Comprehensive Plan updates, including Short Term Work Program (STWP) project development;
3. Periodic updates to the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map and other ordinances;
4. Recommendations concerning land use and zoning, including annexation;
5. Review sign permit applications;
6. Review occupational tax permits;
7. Grant writing; and
8. The Consultant agrees to attend public meetings as needed, site visits, and attend work sessions with the City Manager per month during each calendar year of execution and renewal, if renewed, of the planning program of the City.

The proposed B+C Studios' planning services contract will auto renew each year unless terminated by either party.  Staff recommends approval for provision of planning services by B+C Studios. 
Consideration and Action to approve a final adjusting change order for the Astra Group, Inc .in the amount of $ 208,218.12 to close out the Rail Facilities Corridor Improvement Project.

The Rail Facilities Project consisted of installing approximately a mile of new sidewalks, paving, drainage structures, fencing and curb & gutters. This final adjusting change order is for additional storm pipe, additional paving quantities and primarily for the removal of contaminated soil. The soil near the tracks contained creosote and needed to be removed for planting grass. This project has been completed and the final adjusting change order amount will be funded by TSPLOST collections.                
  1. Change order.pdf
Consideration and Action to approve Grindline Skateparks Inc. in an amount not to exceed $300,000 for the design and construction of the Hapeville Skatepark.

The proposed skatepark will be located beside the tennis courts at the Tommy Morris Sports Complex. This skatepark will provide a dedicated and safe place for kids to ride their skateboards. The planned funding source for the project is Tourism Product Development allocation of Hotel Motel Tax collections.   
Discussion on Phoenix Academy Theatre Lease, 597 and 599 N Central Avenue

With the completion of the theater rebuild, and its October 2019 opening, it is time to update the operating lease for present conditions and a long awaited future.   Updating the lease will include removal of references to HATT.  Additionally, as we make modifications to the agreement, there may be other provisions mayor and council will suggest. 

Staff seeks any additional recommendations from Mayor and Council on updates to the agreement.  Staff has tasked legal with bringing forth language suitable for creating a multi-year agreement

City Manager Report
Public Comments
Members of the public wishing to speak shall sign in with the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. Time limitations for Registered Comments are three (3) minutes per person. The total Registered Comment session shall not last more than fifteen (15) minutes unless extended by Council. Each member of the public, who fails to sign up with the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting, wishing to address Mayor and Council shall have a total of two (2) minutes. The entire general comment session for Unregistered Comments shall not last more than ten (10) minutes unless extended by Council.
Mayor and Council Comments
Executive Session
When Executive Session is Required one will be called for the following issues: 1) Litigation O.C.G.A. §50-14-2; 2) Real Estate O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(1); or 3) Personnel O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(2).

Public involvement and citizen engagement is welcome as Hapeville operates a very open, accessible and transparent government. We do however remind our attendees/residents that there are times allocated for public comments on the agenda. In order for council to conduct their necessary business at each meeting, we respectfully ask that side-bar conversations and comments be reserved for the appropriate time during the meeting. This will allow the City Council to conduct the business at hand and afford our meeting attendees ample time for comments at the appropriate time during the meeting.