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Hapeville Wireless Network




The Hapeville Association of Tourism and Trade (HATT) looks to provide a wireless network that focuses on programs and infrastructure that promotes tourism and trade within the City. The Hapeville wireless network will also act as a means to promote economic development in the City’s downtown area, improve and enhance government operations, along with increasing the overall quality of for its citizens and businesses.

The HATT has partnered with 
Brightlan to provide wireless access to the citizens, businesses, and visitor of Hapeville. 

To sign-up for service please click http://hotspot.brightlan.net/WiFi-CPA/site-doc/login.php?res=notyet&nasid=492-786245  or for help-desk support please call 404-965-0120.


Service Plans and Pricing

Hourly Internet Access - $2.95-  Hourly Wireless Internet Access within the HapevilleWiFi network.

Daily Access - $7.95-  24 Hours of continuous access to the wireless internet within the HapevilleWiFi Network. 


Resdential Month Access - $22.95-  One single month of continuous access to the wireless internet within the HapevilleWiFi Network.


Commercial Monthly Access- $39.95-  One single month of continuous access to the wireless internet within the HapevilleWiFi Network.

Hapeville Silver (Up to 1.5 Mbps)

  1 Hour (1.5 Mbps)  (1 hour)                                      $3.95

  1 Day (1.5Mbps)  (1 Day)                                           $8.95

  1 Month (1.5 Mbps)  (1 Month)                                $22.95

Hapeville Gold (Up to 3 Mbps)

  1 Hour (3 Mbps)  (1 hour)                                          $4.95

  1 Day (3 Mbps)  (1 Day)                                              $9.95

  1 Month (3 Mbps)  (1 Month)                                   $32.95




To see if you are in the coverage area please refer to the map provided here.  If you are in the coverage area and are having issues connecting to the wireless network please refer to our FAQs' section on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any questions concerning the Hapeville Wireless Project please contact, Corey Daniel -IT and Communications Manager, Email.












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