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Who can I contact regarding locating a new business in the City?
Are you looking for space in Hapeville to locate your business? The City has an Economic Development Consultant, David Burt, who can be reached at 770-314-6374 and is focused on Business Recruitment to help you find the perfect spot if you are looking for a space to open your business--thank you for considering Hapeville!

Looking for Information such as: what's going on and new in Hapeville? What permitted uses are there in a particular zone? We would be happy to speak with you to answer questions you may have about our community. Please contact the Economic Development Department staff to assist you by answering questions, sending you information, or by offering you a tour. The Economic Development Department is located at City HalI.

Already Here? Remember: In order to start a business in the City of Hapeville, you must complete and submit an Occupational Tax Certificate Form. For questions abut the form and process, contact the Occupational Tax Clerk at 404-669-2105.

If you want to learn more about Economic Development initiatives in the City, contact the Economic Development Department at 404-669-8269. Be sure to ask if your business is compliant with local zoning regulations, our Planning & Development Coordinator can assist you.Economic Development Staff

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1. Who can I contact regarding locating a new business in the City?
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City of Hapeville 3468 N. Fulton Avenue Hapeville, GA 30354 Ph: (404) 669-2100
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