What is a Preliminary Plat?
A Preliminary Plat is a complex property survey that is used in determining the suitability of a lot for subdivision. Consideration of a Preliminary Plat will also include zoning compliance, historic development pattern compatibility, and potential environmental impact on neighboring properties. A Preliminary Plat must include the following: - The proposed subdivision name and location, the name and address of the owner or owners, and the name of the designer of the plat who shall be a state-registered engineer or surveyor. - Date, approximate north point and graphic scale. - The location of existing and platted property lines, streets, buildings, watercourses, railroads, sewers, bridges, culverts, drain pipes, water mains and any public utility easements, the present zoning classification, if any, both on the land to be subdivided and on the adjoining land; and the names of adjoining property owners or subdivisions. - Plans of proposed underground utility layouts (including sewers, water and electricity) showing feasible connections to the existing or any proposed utility systems. - The names, locations, widths and other dimensions of proposed streets, alleys, easements, parks and other open spaces, reservations, lot lines and utilities. - Contours at vertical intervals of not more than five feet when specifically not required by the planning commission. - The acreage of the land to be subdivided. - Location sketch map or city map showing relationship of subdivision site to area.

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