What is the City's Inclement Weather Policy for Special Events?
Regarding Special Events:
*If inclement weather is forecast, Special Events (concerts, festivals, holiday celebrations) and related activities may be cancelled.
*We will make our best effort to update the homepage, NewsFlash Section, of the City website to reflect all present inclement weather program cancellations. Whenever possible, Event Cancellation Public Notification will be made 4 hours in advance of the published start time of the event.
*Additional Public Notices of Event Cancellations will be made as soon as possible via Outgoing Phone Messages on the Published Events Information Phone Number and via e-mails.
*Unless previously arranged and clearly stated/advertised, City Special Events held outdoors will not be moved to alternate indoor locations.
*New dates for re-scheduled activities (when rescheduling is possible) will be listed on the website as soon as they are arranged/confirmed.
*Please note the Event Cancellation Considerations include, but are not limited to: Safety; Staff/Set-up/Logistics; Ground Conditions; Entertainment/Vendor Contracts/Stipulations; Financial Impact, etc.
*Please contact the City of Hapeville Recreation Department if you have questions regarding program cancellations at 404-669-2134.

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1. What is the City's Inclement Weather Policy for Special Events?
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