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Event Request Form

  1. All requests for the use of City Staff, services, utilities or the placement of a banner on City property must be approved by the Mayor and Council, prior to the use of the same. Please submit this Request to the City Clerk's Office two weeks prior to the meeting of the Mayor and Council; being placed on the agenda does not ensure approval of request. The Mayor and Council may assess fees for the use of City Staff, services, utilities, and property. The Mayor and Council meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
  4. Banner:*
  5. *Banners placed on the Jess Lucas Park fence facing S. Central Avenue must be placed to the left of the telephone pole of Christ Church.
  6. Will there be alcohol at this event?*
  7. Will there be a DJ/Music at this event?*
  8. CITY SERVICES: (check all that apply)
  9. **An application for temporary road closure will need to be filled out at the Hapeville Police Department located at 700 Doug Davis Drive, Hapeville.
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