Financial Tools & Resources

Local Assistance 

The City of Hapeville Department of Economic Development is here to assist you. The City has positioned itself to take advantage of numerous grants, resources, tools, and incentive programs to assist with creating a thriving business community. 

Recently renovated parks and community facilities have put Federal Grant dollars to work in the community and created beautiful resources for residents and businesses alike. Streetscape and gateway improvement projects have heralded the City's pro-business climate. The City applied for and was awarded, both a listing on the National Register of Historic Places as well as for an Opportunity Zone--both of which carry tremendous tax advantages.

Please review some of the programs that we have assembled for your convenience that may help you as a developer, property and/or business owner build your business in Hapeville!

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Georgia's Top Financial Tools 

State Historic Preservation Tax Incentives - Learn about Hapeville's Listing & Advantage
The Georgia State Income Tax Credit Program for Rehabilitated Historic Properties allows eligible participants to apply for a state income tax credit equaling 25% of qualifying rehabilitation expenses capped at $100,000 for personal, residential properties, and $300,000 for income-producing properties. The credit is a dollar for dollar reduction in taxes owed to the State of Georgia and is meant to serve as an incentive to those who own historic properties and wish to complete a rehabilitation. The Georgia Preferential Property Tax Assessment Program for Rehabilitated Historic Property allows eligible participants to apply for an 8-year property tax assessment freeze. The incentive program is designed to encourage rehabilitation of both residential and commercial historic buildings by freezing property tax assessments for wight and one-half years. Visit the Georgia Department of Resources website.

Tax Allocation Districts
Georgia law provides specific powers to enable local governments to embark on projects that will foster public/private partnerships and spur economic growth. Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) are one of the legislative tools available to support cities' community and economic development ventures. In December of 2008 the City of Hapeville established a Tax Allocation District at the former Ford Assembly Plant Site, designated to facilitate private interest and investment in the "Aerotropolis" site. For an overview of that TAD at work in Hapeville, please review Hapeville's Redevelopment Plan, the Executive Summary of Hapeville's Tax Allocation District 1: former Ford Site 2008 (PDF). To read about Tax Allocation Districts in Georgia, visit the Georgia Municipal Association website.

Federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Program (RITC)- 
The Federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Program (RITC) provides owners of "certified historic structures" the opportunity to apply for a federal income tax credit equal to 20% of the rehabilitation cost. Only income-producing properties are eligible to participate in the program and the National Park Service must certify the rehabilitation in order to receive the credit. Visit the tax Incentives website.

DCA Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund (DDRLFThe purpose of the Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund (DD RLF) is to assist cities, counties and development authorities in their efforts to revitalize and enhance downtown areas by providing below-market rate financing to fund capital projects in core historic downtown areas and adjacent historic neighborhoods where DD RLF will spur commercial redevelopment. Visit the Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund website.

GA Cities Foundation Revolving Loan Fund (GCFRLFThe purpose of the GA Cities Foundation Revolving Loan Fund (GCFRLF) is to assist cities in their efforts to revitalize and enhance downtown areas by serving as a partner and facilitator in funding capital projects through a revolving loan fund. Applicants are evaluated based on leadership, accountability, long-term sustainability and potential for private investment. Projects should encourage spin-off development, add jobs, promote downtown housing, or add to the cultural enrichment of the community. Each applicant must also undergo credit underwriting. Eligible projects include real estate acquisition, building rehabilitation, new construction, green space and parks. Ineligible uses of funds are operating expenses and administration, local revolving loan funds, public infrastructure projects, streetscapes and facade projects. Visit the Georgia Cities website.

Georgia Cities Foundation Green Communities Fund - Made possible through a grant from the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA), the Green Communities Fund will provide low interest financing to business and/or property owners for energy efficient and sustainable improvements to their downtown commercial properties. As with the Foundation's downtown loan program, the Green Communities Fund program will target downtown buildings. These low interest loans will range in size from $10,000 to $250,000. Visit the Georgia Cities website.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) - The U.S. Small Business Administration is a small, independent federal agency created by Congress in 1953 to assist, counsel and champion the millions of American small businesses. The mission of SBA is to help people get into business and stay in business. To do this, SBA acts as an advocate for small business. At the direction of Congress, the Agency promotes the cause of small business, explains small businesses role and contributions to our society and economy and advocates policies that help small business. The agency also provides new and established small business owners with financial assistance, management counseling and training. SBA helps small firms get a fair share of government contracts and assists in the bonding process. Visit the Small Business Administration website. 

Download the State of Georgia Business Incentives Brochure (PDF)