Financial Services


The Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal management for the City of Hapeville. The Department is responsible for providing timely information to the City Manager on issues affecting the current and future financial affairs of the City. In addition, the department provides related support services to other City departments.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Finance Customer Service (404) 669-2102 or 2105
  • Business License (404) 669-2105
  • Property Tax (404) 669-2102
  • Accounts payable (404) 669-2112
  • Payroll (404) 669-2112
  • General accounting (404) 669-2102
  • Annual budget (404) 669-2107             (see Archive Center)
  • Annual Audit Report (404) 669-2107    (see Archive Center)

To view the City of Hapeville’s current and past Financial Reports please visit our Archive Center.

2020 Property Tax Update

2020 Property Taxes were mailed October 2,2020 and are due November 16, 2020. 

Failure to receive a bill does not exempt penalties or interest.  We are not responsible for late remittance made through the mail service.